Art and poetry on page and stage



Thomas Devaney


You can’t find a place to smoke anymore
Ro says, smoking and rifling
through her handbag looking for a number.
She sits in the backseat with Meg.
They’re not singing.
The ballgame’s on inside
and outside
the game is always on.
Actually, sometimes they do sing.
What year is the car, a ‘98?
A Ford? A Focus?
They always tip too.
There is dust, always; and terrible dirt;
but if that’s what you see you’re hardly looking.
They believe in the front stoop.
They believe in the back of the Ford.
They believe that in the heat of day
shadows come back.
The trashcan on fire says things are hotting up.
The street’s a mix, water, water ice, LIVE CRABS,
jumbo jets, firecrackers.
Summer days are huge and often overlap late into fall.
Seriously, when you have a good spot, why move the car?