1. Howlabaloo: A celebration of LiVE MAG! #16 at Howl Happening Space on December 13,2019. LiVE MAG! Publisher Jeffrey Cyphers Wright and poet contributor Joanna Fuhrman award poet and contributor Robert Hershon for his service to the poetry community. Hershon reads a poem.
  2. WORDSKINNERS At La MaMA: Jeff and William Electric Black host poets Harmony Holiday, Vincent Katz, Dorothea Lasky, Lauren Vitiello, James Feast, Corinna Copp, Christopher Stackhouse plus artists Marlene Yu and Savannah Spirit at La MaMa, NYC October 22, 2012. Video by Michael Anton.
  3. LiVE No.8 Launch: Jeff and Ilke Scobie host poets Rene Ricard, Kristen Prevalett, Jerome Sala, and more at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC October 17, 2010. Video by Michael Anton.
  4. LiVE MAG! No. 2 at Moe Pitkins: Jeff's panel of poetry editors including Matvei Yankelevich, Brenda Iijima, and John Reed, reading from their publications and from Poet audience members, April 7, 2010. Video by James Kalm.