Art and poetry on page and stage



Hillary Keel

Up to

Today I entered an elevator

Haley’s breasts removed under the influence of Windhorse

My sister has no cancer

My son hasn’t replied

I wrote my final-exam essays on meditation:

the six realms of fixation
shamatha and vipasyana

The Spanish woman gave me glass after glass of water and peppermint tea and I fear for her impending marriage

Today Bobbi and Dee-Dee met in my kitchen, we all laughed drinking Red Rose

The girl-dancer woman’s eyes widen when I tell her stories of Vienna, Prague, of

I love to teach teapot, blue bottle, little pumpkin in my kitchen

Have to go to Soho this week and stock up on cobbles and crystals for Sophie

Will Paul reply?

I’ve found poems, I am certain I see myself in these verses of strawberry god, fishes and northern chances

The morning’s tarot card says I am stuck, no progress

Stood there waiting, then in came the Columbian woman with the golden retriever on a leash; the doors sealed us in, we elevated a few feet and jolted to a standstill