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Thaddeus Rutkowski

On The Open Sea

Therefore, I set out on the sea with but one ship and that one company of those who had never deserted me. Our chances didn’t look good on the open sea, with no set plan, no navigation tools, and no final destination. This was the way I’d always wanted to live. Before I had a ship or a company, I had a car and some friends. We would set out with a full tank of gas and no map, and we would see where we’d end up. Sometimes, we’d go in a large circle. This would happen mostly at night, when we had no sense of direction. One time, we ended up in Mexico, even though we’d started in the direction of Colorado. That trip took more than one tank of gas. But we managed to find our way back, and that was what I was hoping for on this sea journey. The moon and stars would give us direction. We would put the North Star on our right and head west. When our provisions were half gone, we would put the North Star on our
left and head east. Eventually, we would make it back intact.