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Buck Downs

intelligent stick

can't afford the time a random habit takes buy some work on trust, on credit to find out that's not what you wanted and still got your money's worth -- test driving a new street pencil in bed your luck has already been changed stay fire smart don't get burned

hella nilla

struggling to limber up in the early morning fog personals & principles collide, whatever. action betrays my good intention that's just how I was raised nine below zero, cap'tain show me the one you don't show off is all I want, ever wanted, want -- some people helped me grow up, grow up out of it, I did not do it on my own --

let's go struggle

once more into the time of strain, landfill holy total landfill somewhere in the back of my mind. the world as it is is overflowing with magic. more than a dumpster-full. deftly shifting registers travel begins to unravel