Art and poetry on page and stage



Samantha Zighelboim


Topic: obsession. Be specific: unrequited
love inevitably ends in obsession. Now
a thesis statement, but not like this: I am
obsessed and miserable because I love you.

Complicate and expand: Autumn is slaying
all wishes for the new year.
Or something like,
What right have you to incinerate your new
scarf on the sidewalk right there in front of our
favorite restaurant?
From here we can begin
creating the body—bodies, rather—three
of them, each a unit formed by the integrity we
must muster, imagine, fake. Make it all up!
As long as topic sentences don’t fail you
like everything else in this city, you should
be fine. That is not a promise. A promise
can be born of obsession, and this can mean
possible death of the heart.
I won’t die before I stop hating you. Or,
possibly the simple mention of your blue
gloves, the ones with missing fingertips.