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Gabriel Don

To Audre Lorde (The Erotic as Power)

He was a milksop ineffectual boy in big shoes and I like big big men gorillas and I like to feel small belief systems don’t always align with reality I am mercurial subject to change of mood or mind fleeting like a fairy but you cannot capture me my light cannot be kept in a jar i am fleeting and free an empowered woman is dangerous but can one be powerful in need? i need someone to take care of me and i need to start taking care of me i don’t mean money i mean i want him to tend to dumbesticity do my dishes and feed me i work so hard my mind on many matters i forget to eat i need him to sustain me in the kitchen and always make me come. know what makes you unhappy and eliminate them one by one she liked her work it worked her like she worked herself with each touch on her clit she was energised and powerful.