Art and poetry on page and stage

gift box


Filip Marinovich


I cruise the Ramble              
for popinjay muscle 
thunder the same roof 
as birds why not 
cruise them Bibliana 

ice underfoot     
                          grab the fence 
for dear epistolary practice
we've heard 
Theory Bird 
now let 
Praxis Cardinal 
speak of 
twig and hay 
nest built up 
under the flightpath of 
winter blitzkrieg Rilke pilot 
dropping poems  

I sign 
  to be a 

I like men and men to kiss
when latex flowers bloom  
and tourists 
take bird snapshots 
        Ramble lovers  
   in the Eighties died 
and lie
under tundra crust
I want to kiss 

the reddish-grey female
bright red male cardinal  
airmail sent to you Mom 
unsend send back 

you say you don't understand

walk the Ramble 
let it translate
beak to beak 
we're moulting
under teabag trees

      drink from the 
            teacup you hold out 
since we're both 
            teetotalers now 

I want to drink 
a palmfull of snow 
with a shot of 
dark rum poured into it 
            just looking at snow 
will have to do 
until I'm snowblind 
Oedipus killing unknown man 
in roadside argument 

Dear Mom 
when you receive 
this letter 
picture me 
in bed between 
a girl and boy
your son 
Lucky Pierre Reverdy 
between Queen and King
I'm a queen

                        EXCUSE ME SIR SORRY TO BOTHER YOU 
                        I'M HERE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS OF 
                        AMERICA CAN YOU MAKE A DONATION
Queen of Heart Spa Club Diamonds 
Queen in a blue suit     
Birthday Suit Queen 
I swing 
if you don't walk through 
the swinging door now 
when will you 
the life promised us 
after this one is 
this is your son  
Nilip Marinovich speaking