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Danny Shot

Notes on a Train Between Bayonne and Hoboken

Beware means Be aware
Be aware of non-Asian friends
who make you take off your shoes
when you walk through the door.
Chances are you will smoke some pot
but they control the music
and the conversation
and will steal your lighter
which you will be powerless to retrieve.

Be aware of the phrase “just sayin’.”
It usually follows an offensive statement.
Same holds true, in reverse
for “I’m not a racist, but…”

Be aware of politicians
who call themselves reformers
They likely wish to privatize
public institutions you depend on.
When they’re out of office
rest assured they will profit mightily.

Be aware of pop singers
who rely on autotune,
they will lip synch their way
through the course of your life.

Be aware of charismatic speakers
who overuse the pronoun “they.”
They will turn on you
the moment you disagree.

Be aware of the woman or man
who repeatedly asks, “how are you feeling?”
Chances are they will tell you
how their feeling over and over again.
The upkeep will be expensive.

Be aware of reality tv
Stretching the boundaries
of acceptable narcissism.
You will feel better about yourself
but worse about humanity.

Be aware of Christian anxiety
during the holidays,
of shopping malls on Black Friday
of Xmas wish lists,
of those who speak for Jesus.

Be aware of Amazon drones
A technological new world order,
harbinger of things to come,
Maybe it is time to get a gun.

Be aware of poets
whose gift for theory
exceeds their talent
with language.
They will be canonized
after you have been forgotten.
They will read their work at St. Mark’s
while you’re on Avenue B.