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Kimberly Lyons

A Coat

She asks: do you have buttons for this coat
No, I have to say. I don’t. Therefore, the
Coat opens
Into waves of brown thread.
Buttons are lost rocks
I drop on the street
With popsicle sticks and napkins
And the moon tonight is
A button of ice behind
The coat of a cloud.
A lacy gray diorama
in the laboratory of space.
A coat is an empty
What a purple paper doll tore
Running home to her catalog.

Kimberly Lyons is the author of books of poetry including Approximately Near (may be downloaded at (, Calcinatio (Faux Press), and Rouge (Instance Press). She’s published essays and given papers on works by Bernadette Mayer, Alice Notley, Pierre Joris, Joseph Ceravolo and Barbara Guest. Lyons publishes Lunar Chandelier Press.