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Cliff Fyman



She left him at the altar
twice. She's a man eater.
Men don't. She just has
men. Her aloofness drives men
wild. I don't know
about now. But in her twenties
and thirties they'd fall all
over her. Her indecisiveness
drives men
wild. She never married.
It's weird. She just went
through men. There’s some
strangeness there.


I pass a drug test
then I think
maybe I should take drugs to celebrate.
Is that a normal thought process?
Probably not.


Dr. Collins calling back.
I mean to say
with her anti-psychotic
medications is there anything at all
you could add?

Is there anything
you could give her to quiet
her delusions?


Do you think it’s weird of me
not to want to be a tax lawyer?


I just want to pay
my bills. I just want
to pay
my fucking

CLIFF FYMAN rides a bicycle over the 59th Street bridge to Long Island City and a garage where he rents a yellow taxi he drives at night in Manhattan.