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Paul Hoover


Tweet are brief,
but rarely sweet.

Tweets are neat
and well-seated,

like little boys
in Paris, half-

nodding off on
politeness and drugs.

Tweet squeak:
the world Is missing,

Tweets leak:
an ocean long.

Tweets repeat
ad infinitum.

Tweets are swift
and in passage.

Tweets in Spanish
in Alabama.

Tweets in Cajun
in Marseille.

Tweet: moonlight
penetrates water.

Tweet: song
for a man on fire.

Tweets thrive on
on the minim;

on its leash.

Tweet: all things
are forever.

Tweet: A fly
lives one hour.

Tweets are lonely
in a crowd.

Tweet: noodles.
Tweet: spaghetti.

Tweet the full lips.
Tweet the spine.

The tweet goes
on vacation,

has a whale
of a time.

Paul Hoover, born in 1946 in Harrisonburg, Virginia, is a poet and editor. He currently works as Professor of Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, where he is also the editor for the literary magazine New American Writing. In 1980, he received an NEA Fellowship in poetry. In 1987, he received the Carl Sandburg Award for his collection, Idea.