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Paul Pines

Letter to Rilke

Left direction sinistre known as silence the parent/thesis of poets I came to it willingly as one who listens in protest against being bound to logic splitting already thin hairs a waste of time for one drawn to unknowing and remained there without portfolio never a good bet out of the gate to burst from the pack in a bid for the prize until veering left again at the end of the course draped in autumnal colors I became a leaf

PAUL PINES: author of novels, The Tin Angel, and Redemption, and memoirs My Brother’s Madness and (forthcoming) Trolling with the Fisher King. He has published fourteen books of poetry, most recently, Charlotte Songs, and (forthcoming) Gathering Sparks. He is the editor of Juan Gelman’s selected poems Dark Times/ Filled with Light. Pines is a psychotherapist in private practice and hosts the Lake George Jazz Weekend. Website: