Sergio Satélite

Semi-Cis-Man’s Game Plan

he will set up fire alarms every night
to ensure he wakes up at dawn
he will bury his will in a planner
his promises will not die on his tongue
yes, he will adopt a punctual manner
he will open and read all his letters
and he will promptly reply to all texts and emails
he will learn to say no to guilt-trips
and he will set up clear boundaries between sorrows and females
he will pay up his psychic debts and his old library fines
he will remember the birthdays of his friends
the locations of restaurants and the flavors of wines
yes, he will buy groceries every tuesday
he will cook daily and immediately wash his plates
he will do laundry on thursdays
he will stitch up every hole in his pants and in his character traits
going to sleep early and sober will be no problem at all
he will give up the late night dancing, jameson and adderall
and with invisible tape and medium-sized binder clips
he will tie up his tongue and seal his impulsive lips
at long last he will put an end for good to his lack of self-restraint
yes, he will resurrect his holy giant, his golden regimented inner saint!

okay. i know. this is all a little too good to be true
          but how else, my dear sakura, how else
were you expecting him to stop thinking of you?

Santo Domingo-born, Brooklyn-based poet, Sergio Satélite is a former evangelical preacher, undocumented mime and factory worker with a BA in philosophy from Hunter College. He’s been published by Great Weather For Media, LiVE MAG!, Local Knowledge, and BreadcrumbsMag.