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Klaus J. Gerken

Dueling Haikus on Facebook

Klaus J. Gerken The way to write haiku:


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Jeff Wright Really? Wow! What?!

Klaus J. Gerken No, no. You miss the point.

Jeff Wright Birdlight in the boom pall / I feel slight /
worker dragging a garbage can

Klaus J. Gerken Too cumbersome. Think minimal.

Jeff Wright Drinking coffee at my screen / endless drone outside /
I cool my jets

Klaus J. Gerken Want to learn?
Think of nothing.
KJG 19 Jan 2013

Rick Anderson that’s not Haiku, that’s Hijinks

Jeff Wright Way to go!
Show me the ropes.
Fall back.

Klaus J. Gerken Show and tell.
Whatchu got?
Aw, you dropped it!
KJG 19 Jan 2013

Klaus J. Gerken Smile.

Jeff Wright Heat coming up.
Sun getting high.

Klaus J. Gerken Snowing here. Crunch.