Art and poetry on page and stage



Yuko Otomo

After Cy Twombley's untitled painting

Anatomy of Melancholy I

spraying water all over silence
I sit in history's grainy shadows

waves weighed lead-heavy with silver lights
crash against me & I crack

awakened, my eyes search for a Dionysian island
while clouds brush through a mist behind a mist behind a mist
where a lone boat drifts

my sigh causes the air around me to tremble
& I have no voice to call for happiness

a stained sun bows to my despair
& I am a birth abandoned in a desert full of unheard murmurs

a pearly wind reminds me softly to fly away
into the mist behind the mist behind the mist
where water falls into a bouquet of evening dusk

gazing into a nail-scratched wall of madness
I hear a voice repeating,
"where is the other shore?"
"where is the other shore?"

"once, only once or once more!"

I cry back to the voice until my cry carves
an emptiness into the blue of eternity

- after all,
the sky's vastness always runs parallel
to my never-proclaimed whispers -

"I will never rest until I find you"

a fire flowering in my trapeze-memory gathers
songs I have never sung when ornaments on my body,
ancient & new, flicker to the breath you swallow

oh Orpheus!

"once, only once & once moreā€¦"
I cross the ocean full of chattering layers of foam
to reach one shore & the other & the other still further away

when darkness breaks into an interval of TIME

I uselessly force myself to ring a bell again & again
in my throat to tell you that I am "here"

Anatomy of Melancholy II

do not
your heart
my heart
is yours

do not
an agonized
my memory
my memory
is yours

Anatomy of Melancholy III

love-melancholy loves love's power
& extends its idleness to the dead end
but never asks for charity

beauty causes symptoms of love
& cures its ill-favoured allurements

a river runs through all cities, small or large,
where lust never shows contempt
for despair nor jealousy