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Peter Bushyeager



This isn't your first rodeo
You're a dog walker among many

Volare on the
cafe sound system
sung by Sinatra?

A man in a lab coat
at the cash register
rain peeling the streets

The hiss of an ice cube
dissolving in hot tea

7 years of peace on pills
and 10% of profits to the planet


I drew a comic strip where muffins
kill each other with guns
and got away with it for six months

Politics in a 10 by 10
touch it to make
sure it's there

Polar bear debits
securitized wine futures

I can't make a new painting
without a dial tone

Talking to yourself is
not a vessel it's luggage
Singing helps time prepare for the kingdom

Peter Bushyeager's books include Vital Wires, Citadel Luncheonette and In the Green Oval. In addition to poetry, he writes articles and criticism which have appeared in publications that include Rain Taxi, Talisman, Poetry Project Newsletter, and The Encyclopedia of American Poetry — Twentieth Century. He's currently working on a new manuscript of poems.