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Tamra Plotnick


how I flutter from far
in the zero of sky
without wings without words
without engines, birds
vague that I know
Brooklyn Bridge I go by
without eyes without ears
without heart, fear
how I enter the thingless
the flying, the thing
without speed without speech
no blood nor crutch
from the concrete and glass
and my surrogate self
in my job in my clothes
in my day in my doze
my selfless I send
while I don’t comprehend
how that flash in the blue
be it paper or ghost
as it soars, sucks me up
till I’m hugged by the high
by the wind
and I’m nothing
(that thing)
in the zero of sky

Tamra Plotnick’s poetry and prose has been published in various journals and anthologies, including: Lurch; The Waiting Room Reader, Vol II: Words to Keep You Company; and Global City Review: International Edition. She teaches at The James Baldwin School, dances often, and lives with husband, son and daughter in Brooklyn.