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David Lawton

John Wieners at the Herbert Huncke Memorial

The image of the poet indelible in my mind:

Threadbare, grubby
Among many toothless dissipated brothers
This one lit from within

Unapologetic, curious
Still looking for longing
Inspired by youth, reaching out
In love with The Word
In love with The Life
Not long for this world

A chasm opening up before me
Sweet escape and torturous fall
I apprehend the craft with which he shows the way.

DAVID LAWTON is the author of the poetry collection Sharp Blue Stream (Three Rooms Press), and serves as an editor for greatweatherforMEDIA. He has work featured currently in Meat for Tea, The Café Review and From Somewhere to Nowhere: The End of the American Dream (Automedia). David also collaborates with poet Aimee Herman in the poemusic collective Hydrogen Junkbox.