Art and poetry on page and stage

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Bob Hershon


We took a car service
to LaGuardia
The BQE was very slow
but we were on time
We flew American
to Miami
flew American Eagle
to Key West
Pink taxi
took us to Heron House
on Simonton
In our usual room
we unpacked
and let out our breath

Trouble walked across
the Verazzano
took a bus down
to Maryland
swam across Chesapeake Bay
hitch-hiked south on 95
causing several crashes
skipped along
the coastline
fish dying on the beaches
and shot along the causeway
riding a Key West rooster
found Old Town
found Simonton Street
found Heron House
and settled down
outside our door
a tourist just bursting with plans

The most recent of Robert Hershon’s fourteen books are Freeze Frame and Goldfish and Rose. He has won two NEA creative writing grants and three from the NY Foundation for the Arts. He has been the co-editor of Hanging Loose Press since it was founded in 1966.