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Jennifer Juneau

I Slept with Jay Last Night

Because life

Because all those death poems

And eleni

And all the world’s lovers

And the XYZ pub was dark that night all those ailments and complaints

Which made sasha upset

Which made eleni upset

Which made me upset

And sasha needs to re-arrange her chapbook

And eleni's having nightmares of abuse and death

And eleni wouldn’t read her metaphysical poem with greece in her voice

And I'm still young

And I’m still pretty

So I slept with jay last night

The XYZ reading was depressing all those ailments and words of death

Eleni’s breasts were put on trial

And sasha was upset

And eleni was upset

And I was upset

And sasha left early

And eleni went home with nightmares

And jay was waiting full of life

Jennifer Juneau's work has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, the Million Writers award and a Sundress Best of the Net award and has appeared in the American Poetry Journal, Café Review, Cincinnati Review, Columbia Journal, Evergreen Review, Seattle Review, Verse Daily and elsewhere. Her poetry collection, More Than Moon, is due out early 2018 from Diaphanous Press.