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Anna Kreienberg

Sometimes a Big Commotion

You and that entity doubles as a countertop that also
serves as a koi pond tells you
into a guest bed
To rule your narrative sometimes causes seizures itself
guest to guest in your own life

Brick to fall the magnificent jump into
my island beach town
Hello from the water
where reason dissolves itself each morning

God put me on this earth as a death catalogue
for all my friends
Hello from my island

Bridging the gap between science and drinking a beer
so fast you transcend reality
Beatrice you might be a cat but please oversee my wandering
I want to get good right this time

ANNA KREIENBERG is a student and researcher in New York. Their work has appeared on the Albany Poets website and in journals such as H_NGM_N and Really System. Get in touch with them via email —