Joel Dailey


for Marlin Perkins

Herds of vacuum cleaners romeo the West Teeming with self-correcting red ants, the coffee maker spouts Chinese Pundits confronted by the obesity of dogs & cats Willows weep fresh criteria Preoccupied, distracted Over 7000 doctors have trusted their eyes Occupied, busy The Internal assaults the External with a hefty tome, title withheld From launch pad to lunch box The fingernail sandwiches compose themselves Under a legal cloud Hyperpartisanship drops anchor Pets tall bulldogs with a single to the right Sidesteps speeding Ubers Flawlessly maintained Now & then a moose would leap the fence & gallop off into the mist

Joel Dailey lives in New Orleans amongst the gators & the nutria. His latest books are ELEMENTS OF STYLE (Scram Press) and INDUSTRIAL LOOP (Lavender Ink). He edits and publishes FELL SWOOP: The All Bohemian Revue.