2020 paper collage


Jump right in. What gives pause
is tomb-sweeping duty but duty
calls. Scramble the Phantoms.
What feels like 100 per cent is.

Maybe. Befuddled by fudge…
dithering and diddling. Fiddling
at the Fire Sale. Lonely
as a pangolin on the South Lawn.

Witness the witless grandstanding.
Inherit the bagged wind.
My spring is trying hard.
White buds flex perplexed resolve.

What dusk begins, dawn will erase.
Dear landlord. I rest my case.

Poet and artist Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is the publisher and editor of LiVE MAG! During the pandemic, he makes daily Google DUO puppet shows, with artful and timely sets, for his grandkids. More about Jeff at and on the LiVE MAG! about page.