Greg Masters

from Alphaville Revisited

Wrong World

I've been working on a
unified theory
to make sense of my
uncertain perspective
in a universe 14.8 billion
years old, to concatenate
the vectors.
You know: Alonso hits
a ball to the right side,
the grinding of stone
down in the air shaft,
the moment of this pen
on paper making
thoughts tangible.


Fishing Line

Fishing line.
Amazing, right?


Tomorrow's headlines today

Poet Topples Trump
Earth Renamed Rolling Stones


For those with intention but little talent

Who am I to judge?
Get up on that stage.
Leave me out of it.


I used to recant
now I decant

Greg Masters has issued eight books from his imprint Crony Books, most recently Collaborations, a collection of poems and plays written with Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, Michael Scholnick, and Ted Berrigan among several other East Village comrades.