Sharon Mesmer

There Are More Important Things Than Living: A Checklist

  1. A girl who poops
  2. Doing the whole Manhattan/Long Island/Westchester Jew thing in one year
  3. muff-check at the door
  4. King Lear — bitches all over his boar tusks
  5. a kitten archbishop
  6. bestiality suede + contravariant bagel circumcision = crabs my other fetish
  7. Gender issues, girls, private parts, questions, students
  8. It’s all about the facials, but it’s also about Chuck Norris
  9. operation hobbitporn
  10. Hello! Hot Asian girl, listening to iPod in Penn Station
  11. a tampon to stick anywhere
  12. King Kong and dinosaurs fighting even though they are from different centuries and I don’t even believe in dinosaurs.
  13. sell mangina, WalMart patdown?
  14. Here’s a hint: passive voice. Here’s another: barn did not fall down
  15. dog arms bailout, but not frog or clown
  16. dick liquor
  17. being watched by a fear duck
  18. What’s in a Caesar salad? Ya’ll know about it?
  19. elevator, Pratt Institute, zombies, Taco Bell, dolphin
  20. I can float, but I don’t have big boobs
  21. bottle rocket skills
  22. a sad puppy that burps
  23. Shorter older chesty woman over 45
  24. Aldi’s free spider with bananas offer
  25. chemical spill in thunderbolt autopussy
  26. Sure, it's promising plural dicks and that they'll be torpedo-sized, but it's not like they explode or anything.
  27. Naked teens attacking home detector over a simple case of snowball testicle
  28. OMG the Nazis have Hamburglar orgasms
  29. Understand that my life was suxxx before
  30. <pickle>
  31. The team of superheroes you only call when all the other ones are busy: Can the Secret Monsterdicks help you?
  32. “Quarantine, like America, is the best” (Jerry Abejo)
  33. degrees

The Checklist is a form that was shared with me by poet and artist Fork Burke. It was shared with her by Robert Wallace, who learned about it from Daniel Kacyvenski (aka Daniel Joseph). Of the form, Wallace wrote, "In the end, the Checklist is perhaps nothing more than a vain and futile attempt to capture in writing the tiny details of one's life as they speed by too quickly and in too great a volume to ever grasp." Sharon Mesmer's most recent poetry collection is Greetings From My Girlie Leisure Place (Bloof Books, 2015). She teaches creative writing at NYU and the New School.