Sevda Akyuz

little boy

—I— fortune-teller: your future has been revealed to you my child in your dreams too bad I don’t remember them, ain’t it nobody has truly understood your soul yet mon petite I already know that the question is will they ever do ma cherie I see you’ve never had peace of mind you should take it easy you know I do —II— she told our futures five unalike women one by one in a back room where the baby sleeps fortunately he was out at the time but I wonder if all those ominous things said lingered in the room with her cigarette smoke to give the little boy nightmares later

 Sevda Akyuz studied English Literature at Bogazici University. She has taught English and Academic Writing at the University of Nevada, Reno, Bogazici University and Koc University. Other subjects she taught include Western Civilizations, Translation, History of Drama, and Film Studies. She edits and translates books, articles, theses, dissertations, stories, plays, movie scripts and poems. She also worked as the Translation Coordinator for a PEN Norway project.