Vincent Katz


spaces are deceptive
those cows look so small
there’s a tree out there
“that stump must be
a thousand years old!”

clump of trees coming up
pendant road, RR track
more mesas in the distance
I’ll miss this space
Springer 1 mile

I’m liking these trees a lot
Wow, that was Springer
Eagle Nest, Red River, Angel Fire
two new greens, one light, one dark
didn’t make Placitas this time


A long look down the side
Nothing accumulates, sputters
A delinquent treason symbolizing
Foregone witness, forest murmur

That walk transformed winter
Or winter transforms looks
Aside from fashion, cut of pant
Another pharmacy out of order

Order and progress fight to prove
One song on radio can still speak
Neon begins the day as ways
Struck into probable armor

A New Year

4:15 lights in park not yet on streets
January warm chilling women men walk
curving path through center zone Alphaville
city someday will rest my head
square reachable bell's hazy hours
gaunt facades hardly changed decades
massive trunks neon aglined squirrels sport
lightness shade sky descending HOTEL
half moon half building over gilt top leers
man limps lawn squirrel silhouette
down branch above building back
meet third almost to Metropolitan
circle clock face now fourth and fifth
bench snap foreign photographs

4:25 street lights still not on park lights
significant walk jacketless limbs
flannel circle January park colder
night infiltrates appear lights
thought shifts squirrel husk to pavement
figures astride Appellate Divison marble
J. B. Lord Architect C. T. Wills Builder
A. D. MCM allegory 1998 new year
mosaic warmth wood massive
hokey murals hint deviant sadistic
arrows whips prostrate nudes
garbage truck melody keeps warm
penetrates sanctioned rejuvenated
back across square where left off

Vincent Katz is a poet and translator. He is the author of Broadway for Paul, Southness and Swimming Home. His writing has appeared in Art in America, ARTnews, The Brooklyn Rail, and The Poetry Project Newsletter. In 2021, he collaborated with Sarah Sarhandi on the opera While There's Light.