Bill Considine

Cry Wolf

Off-moments, all akilter,
arms akimbo, trains of
almost thoughts sliding through
when snarls of a wolf pounce

from dark edging, a sleek, grey
predator, long teeth bared.
It rips and ravages
disjoints and smears a mess

subliminal passing as sublime
a glimpse of entrails
splattered on the floor.
They seem to spell wolf

but it’s devoured and gone
and only I am howling.

William Considine writes poems and plays. His books include The Furies and Strange Coherence (both from The Operating System) and The Other Myrtle (Finishing Line Press). His full-length plays seen in NYC in 2019 were Moral Support, at Medicine Show Theatre, and Women’s Mysteries, at Polaris North. His short verse plays seen in 2020-21 include Aunt Peg and the Comptometer at Bowery Poetry Club, Persephone’s Return, Odyssey’s End, and A Common Tongue, on Zoom from Polaris North, and John Milton in the Tower, on Zoom from the Boog City 30th Anniversary program.