Bruce Weber

Another Beautiful Day in the Pandemic

The bumble bees are fat with honey
The humming birds hover like helicopters in the sun
The chipmunks skirt across the grass like racing cars
The cat watches the shadows play in the field of the lord
Another beautiful day in the pandemic

Cross my heart and hope to live
Grieve with me in the dark folds
Where memory plays out of tune tricks with Father Time
Where losers grin and winners
Spend all the money they own
And dancing girls twirl in the hot complacency of the sun
Another beautiful day in the pandemic

The garden is dense with the perspiration of morning
Pinks whistle–Reds purr
Blues rustle–Whites shimmer like stars
I'll take you in my arms and do-si-do
Where the truth rushes in like a fool
And trees stand tall against criminals
Snatching alibis from the branches of despair
Another beautiful day in the pandemic

Let's meet at the gates of Eden
Where fate is split like a rail
And love is thrown into the wind like apple seeds
Where clocks rust to oblivion
And the morning rises into the clouds
Like a silent prayer
For those who are lost
Another beautiful day in the pandemic

Bruce Weber is the author of six books of poetry. The most recent is There Are Too Many Words in My House (Rogue Scholars Press, 2019).