John Coletti

Off and On

What moon is May
17 dark the night meters
clouds like abscesses
away, cover it
that poetry is psychic is no new concept
though it continues to surprise me

My Mind’s Been in the Same Place Mostly

Bluebells, common dandelions
a lavender roulette chip
caffeine eyes cartoonish XXL
cherry purple. Ryman cap
copters scotched around every home’s stocking keyhole
jetskis blowing against
sharp edges of bleached paper
missing being missed and other false positives
trains, molars
panic beats while young every breath
no longer useful. I was pulled out from counting rituals screech
this possum leaps wheels
this isn’t 13 living in the garage for
years w/ a hand-me-down waterbed
a velvet comforter. then parents friends’ couches
gnawing diagonally across extra
archway. I let absorb
simple joy longing for a quiet debate partner, they cheer on like
outside my feet, twisted in sheets. the call for light
behind low, somber cello
hot blue
metallic crepe paper
bringing cotton candy
understanding has its joys. though it’s often overrated

Rental Dog

To produce calm
become gray arrows on inner palms
relax in Tide
dust the psychic ghosts
off your eyelids
grab everyone’s hands
for an hour
the ways we slide away in my life
I do it privately
w/ an abundance of care
Brandon read
his year this morning
a kind of late afternoon resurrection
in blue hearts
I misspell catalogue
all the time
but Ron says
both do the same work
staring at a copper coin
this is where I was
reading directly from the lightbulb
packing wet sandwich
into airlock
looking at my creator’s
nails by the fire
the thyme on the floor is
especially pretty
a bit of mist on its lenses


Particularly in heat, on coffee, and
the spirits I allow seen
by sea, or 24th Street. by Duarte’s
natural evidence / that all is one static articulation
on a path beyond urgency, and perhaps
heartbreaking, I’d like this to live two lives
between us
in the stained-glass foam and fog
then it is one: this peace
the pain you had for failing new leaves
when the chill came too late, or too soon

John Coletti is the author of Peppermint Oil (PUSH, 2020), Deep Code (City Lights, 2014), Mum Halo (Rust Buckle Books, 2010), Same Enemy Rainbow (fewer & further 2008), and Physical Kind (Yo-Yo-Labs 2005). With Anselm Berrigan, he is the author of Skasers (Flowers & Cream, 2012). A chapbook, Attachment Simply was released by Eternal Sections in September 2023.