Rick Prol

man in box
Peek A Boo, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 34 in.
chimney sweep
Icarus, series, 2023, acrylic on canvas, 20 x 13 in.

Rick Prol was born in 1956 in New York, where he lives and works. He attended Cooper Union and began showing his work publicly in 1982 with solo shows at Hall Bromm, B-side Gallery, and others. “The East Village art scene of the 80's thrived on the rotnance of slumming in an era of widespread economic prosperity. Prol was an icon of that era,” said Eleanor Heartney in the July 1993 Art in America. Recent solos and surveys of his work have been presented at Ohio State University, Hudson Valley CCA, James Fuentes Gallery and Andrew Kreps in NYC, Barbara Farber in Amsterdam, and Leeahn Gallery in South Korea. Prol’s work is included in the collections of the most major museums here in the US and abroad.