Georgia Pavlidou


For Adam Cornford

i’m a floating
compound ghost
of night-crows

i operate
on sleepless
turquoise & trazadone

flocks of unamerican ur-birds
seeking photosynthesis at night,
are after me

“you’re our aleph, tau, theta & phi,”
they’re cawing flying behind me
“please devour our anti-lamps.”

in kindergarten-universities
indigo-leprechauns are sketching
my contours

“the outer edges have to be narrower
than her volume,” they say

“she’s our phi,
our sexless salamander
in constant anti-copulation

in two unrelated foreign languages
she hatches under haunted glass

confiscate her anti-lamps”

“during the day she’s accused
of having white privilege

at dusk
she becomes an admirador of sorrow,
scavenging for moon-hurt &
the opposite of metamorphosis

indigo-leprechauns love this

pawn your anti-lamps”

an inferior race
of famished mental carnivores
agreed to adopt an anti-lamp

selling isolation & turquoise
at dark-blue prices
is their core business

“its hellenic letters
will help us expand,”
they claim

“we’re proud of our
admiradores of human sorrow”

in india you cannot
not have a religion

in india you cannot
not have a caste

in india
damnation in the blue hellfire
of identity is eternal

& here’s the thing:

often praise the
turquoise overlords
that enslaved
their barely-blue

devour ten bags of spicy anti-lamps

do you believe in spirit-doubles?
well, in last night’s dreaming

my blue spirit-double & i
waltzed on gigantic triangles of turquoise

while slinging anti-lamps

barely round circles
tried swallowing up my contours

“back off,” an indigo-leprechaun said,

“you’re too new to watch triangles & circles

your eyes will catch fire.”

hearing this
my burning eyeballs instantly
visualized barely round circles

devouring my anti-lamps

it’s the 4th of July, &
indigo-leprechauns running kindergarten-universities
haven’t stopped visualizing my contours

their heads mutter:

“somebody is sketching you into existence,
somebody is sketching you out of existence”

yet my blue spirit-double & I,
we’re still waltzing on enormous
turquoise triangles

slinging anti-lamps at great velocity

swallowed up
my own contours,

i’ve exited the floating compound
ghost of night-crows

hunting for photosynthesis at night
a sad ur-bird
caught me & said:

“you’re my aleph, tau, theta & phi”

but i devoured all its anti-lamps.”

indigo-leprechauns love this

Giorgia Pavlidou is an American writer and painter intermittently living in Greece and the US. She earned an MA in Urdu Literature from Lucknow University, India, and an MFA from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Her work recently appeared in Caesura, Maintenant Dada Journal, Puerto del Sol, Clockwise Cat, Ocotillo Review, Philosophical Egg, Entropy and Moon & Sun Magazine. Additionally, Trainwreck Press launched her chapbook inside the black hornet’s mind-tunnel in 2021, and Anvil Tongue Books her full-length book of poems and paintings, Haunted by the Living — Fed by the Dead in May 2022.