Leah Kogen-Elimeliah


I know I am not as dirty as you want me to be but we can still re-enact a lover’s match give me a chance will you I’ve got a nerve pulling at my side and the whistle calling me to the kitchen like you, I might not come — to the level of witchery she pulled in those days, carrying in her treasure suitcase, pulling tricks out from her — jesting for me to come closer her box full of berries smelling of ruse of innocence of a rose like a fairy tale she pranced around the room - mirroring a 1920’s hotel with a bar downstairs, curtains hung heavy - like a fairy she spinned around in her silky 1950’s baby pink nighty, supple her body moved with the rhythm of my hands bending attending to her sheath - then you came right out of the wind and snatched that one. Covered her in gentle touch, you with your turned up collar and your sway you took her away.

Leah Kogen-Elimeliah originally from Moscow, is a poet and writer based in New York. An Adjunct Assistant Professor at The City College of New York and John Jay College, Leah is also the founder and director of WordShedNYC Reading Series and has collaborated on various poetry/visual/dance projects with independent artists, experimenting with cross genres, multimedia and poetry. She is currently crafting her debut poetry collection, working on an art project “Notes from Daughters” and a one woman show. Her writing delves into themes of identity, language, immigration, intergenerational trauma, sexuality and culture.