Kyle Harvey

Western Suite with Five Themes

for Jim Dine

red robe
teal mallet
yellow-handled saw

blue hammer
Tricky Teeth
Nancy was appalled

red heart
a pair of gloves
onion no. 12

black eyes
New York City

Rose and Grey
I’ve felt this way
all the way along

Western Suite with a Green Sun

for Etel Adnan

Green sun
orange sky
meets blue water
at the horizon
just beyond
the foreground

Blue sun
yellow sky
meets blue water
at the horizon
just beyond
the foreground

Blood moon
Gregorian chant
meets blue water
at the horizon
just beyond
the foreground
endless debt

Pink moon
on its way
running a few
minutes late
just beyond
the foreground

Prussian blue
television set
closed captions
for what does not
bleed yellow
just beyond
the foreground
pink stupidity

Clear wind
without technology
perplexed canyon
purple in last light
just beyond
the foreground
lost futures
fiber optics

Blue son
shades drawn
just beyond
the doorway
a deserted beach
and an ocean
that does not

Western Suite for an Agricultural Scene

Little blue horse
in an open field

the shape
of jazz to come

an entire world

a complete history
of possibilities

and a future of
what if would be if

to know the being
of “thoughts”

might build
a new factory

for kindness

no matter how deeply
resonant the objects

of this particular place
have become

they aren’t a part
of the world

in which the song
sings for you

Western Suite as an Annex to the Aplohavet

An empty lot at the edge of the atmosphere an etymological disturbance in the satchel  of a Tuvan throat singer an undiscovered aleph, carefully wrapped in Jack Hirschman’s red scarf an entire language in his pocket, the edges of each letter light as they turn over in his hands like coins a language which begins in silence and ends with a mouth full of wings lifting into a night born of neon filling its space with the marine  layer of his voice

Kyle Harvey is a poet, documentary filmmaker and musician. His most recent collection of poems, Cosmographies, was published by Cuneiform Press in 2022. A finalist for the Colorado Book Award and winner of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize, his work has appeared in A Dozen Nothing, American Life in Poetry, Dream Pop, Empty Mirror, Heavy Feather Review, Pilgrimage, Poems-For-All, Positive Magnets, Think Journal, The Wallace Stevens Journal and elsewhere. Harvey is the editor of Neeli Cherkovski’s Selected Poems 1959-2022 (forthcoming), as well as Coolidge & Cherkovski: In Conversation. His documentary film, It’s Nice To Be With You Always: A Film About Neeli Cherkovski, premiered at the Omaha Film Festival in 2020. Kyle lives with his wife and children in Fruita, Colorado, where he manages Lithic Bookstore and designs books for Lithic Press. More here.